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  • Local hunting: deer, turkey, quail, dove, hog

  • Rustic Scenic Areas/Badlands between the Red River & Pease River

  • Local Lakes

  • Numerous Area Museums and heritage areas

  • Copper Breaks State Park

  • Antique Shopping

  • Medicine Mound-Indian Ceremonial Grounds

Two unique attractions are the old Cotton Gin itself (housing a unique Gift Shop capturing the culture of the Cotton Industry and the history of the area)  and the old rock gym (3 blocks from the RV Park) where Pease River Cowboy Church is held.  The GYM is one of only two remaining Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects in Texas from the late 1930s, and has been fully restored to its original appeal.


There's a great country road leading all the way to the Red River!  Make sure you have off-road tires as the last 1.5 miles of the 11 mile trek is a dirt road!


Deer, wild turkey, dove, quail and wild hog abound in this area!  You may even see coyotes!


Quanah is named after Quanah Parker the last Commanche Chief.  Learn all about this and other stories at the local museums!

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